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Sasaki And Miyano

Sasaki And Miyano is one of the most popular Japanese manga series, which is written and illustrated by Harusono Sho. It has published two volumes which continue out further. We will give you the latest updates about the new adaptation in anime from manga ones. With the release date and teaser stay tuned by the end.

Sasaki And Miyano

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About Sasaki And Miyano

According to the official synopsis of the same by Yen Press, the history of Sasaki and Miyano revolve basically around the history of a love story of Shumei Sasaki and Yoshikazu Miyano. The two classmates of the high school are attracted to each other. Sasaki is a scholar and Miyoni is the boy’s boyfriend. He is loved by almost all women working in the school.

Sasaki And Miyano

Miyano falls for the simplicity and discomfort about Sasaki but Sasaki believes that love is just a distraction as he was a scholar. So the anime adaption will be more interesting to watch and as the trailer suggests what do you think? Will they accept each other? Or some another plot twist will happen.

The official Sasaki and Miyano website reveal the names of the cast that will work on the project. This includes Yusuke Shiri in the main role of Shumei Sasaki. Have fun and you must watch it as the trailer seems amazing and interesting.

Release Date: Sasaki And Miyano

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Where to Watch?

Stay tuned with EveDonusFilm for the latest updates.

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