Read Manga Online Tower of God Chapter 504 Release Date, Recap and Everything You Need To Know

Tower of God Chapter 504

Tower of God a Korean webtoon. The webtoon is now made with anime adaptions. Bam is lonely but suddenly meets Rachel and gone missing. Bam wants to meet Rachel again. But the tower is full of challenges.

Recently previous chapter was released on 10 August 2021  which was great, but curiosity remains at top level. We will tell you everything about the succeeding chapter and also uncover its release date.


Bam mounted the tower to meet Rachel. But the tower is full of disasters. Whoever mounts it is tested by knocking them in devastating conditions. The toughest one can survive.

Bam went to Haydon on first floor, he has accomplished of entering on the top of the Tower. Will he meet Rachel? It would be clear in next chapter.

Tower of God Chapter 504 : Release Date

The wait is over!! It will be releasing soon i.e. its 5 days away. Tower of God Chapter 504 will be releasing on 16 August 2021.

Where to Read Online

You can Read it online for free on,

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