Watch Online Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6 :Plot, Spoilers And Everything You Need To Know

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6

(Kanojo Mo Kanojo),Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 5 was aired on 7th July, 2021.It was titled as ‘A Third One’. The devotees are keenly waiting for the succeeding episode to release shortly. We will tell you everything about the Release Date, Where To Watch Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6. 

Mukai used to love Saki since school time. He becomes as she accepts him. Later, a cute girl named Nagisa expresses her feelings to him. Mukai asks unthinkable decision to ask both of them to bate together.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6

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Recap: Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 5

Mukai, Saki and Nagisa  were now living together. They didn’t want to let anyone in the school know about their relationship. They start to find place for three of them. After that they started playing games and noticed that a MeTuber has the same costume as they do.

In the episode 5, as the title suggests a new girl named Rika was waiting for Mukai. She was determined not to departure until Mukai agree to her to stay his girlfriend. Nagisa and Saki didn’t rent her inside the house. The chaos is created with the entry of the third one.

Preview: Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6

This episode is going to be very interesting as Rika the third girlfriend has entered with great hope that Mukai will accept her as his new one. There can occur a great conflict among both 4 of them. What do you think, What will happen next? Will Mukai accept Rika?

This episode will be titled as ‘Tsun Is Dere’. It will be having minimum of 12 episodes as a whole. To know the release date stay tuned with us.

Release Date

The wait is over. Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6 is very near to get out on 7th August, 2021. Japanese dub will release at first with different timing as per your locality. The English dubbed version’s date is not announced. It will take time but for sure will be available shortly.

Where To Watch?

There are many platforms to watch Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6 like:

  • You can take subscription Crunchyroll. As it is going to be streamed online on Crunchyroll.
  • Unfortunately, it will not be available at Netflix.


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