Read Manga Online Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date, Plot and The Latest Upcoming

Read Manga Online Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date, Plot and The Latest Upcoming

Solo Leveling or  Na Honjaman Rebereop, is a Korean web novel  released in 2016, which was later adapted into web toon in 2018. This action, fantasy work has been created by Chugong.

The story is of a priorly weak fighter, Sung Jin-Woo, who reawakes from his death after completing his trial in dungeon and realises that now he has become a player who can see his quest, targets, and levels. He also has abilities to increase his power and become almost unbeatable.

Solo Leveling chapter 161 Upcoming Storyline


The previous chapter ended with fatal wounds given to Sung Jin-Woo by Plague Monarch, Ice Monarch and beast Monarch. Sung Jin-Woo also revealed to Plague monarch in the previous chapter how he can be killed. The wounds he received due to their attacks seemed very dangerous and it would be really exciting to see what fate has in store for Sung Jin-Woo. Will he be able to survive and defeat them or will he succumb to his injuries?

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date

The webtoon has released 160 chapters till now. The much awaited 161st chapter that left the audience with a cliffhanger, asking for more, is finally here. Due to time differences, the Korean and Asian fans will be able to access the series from Thursday 5th August, 2021. However the fans in United States and United Kingdom will gain the access to it on 4th of their calendars.

Solo Leveling chapter 161 Where to Read

The new chapter can be read on following platforms:

  1.  TappyToon
  2.  Tapas Media

and the official website of Solo Levelling 

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