EasyGlucose: New non- invasive Glucose Monitor Everything You Need To Know

EasyGlucose: New non- invasive Glucose Monitor Everything You Need To Know

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The winner of Microsoft’s yearly Imagine Cup student competition, EasyGlucose is a non-invasive smartphone-based Glucose monitoring method that helps diabetics to keep their blood glucose levels in check.

EasyGlucose: New non- invasive Glucose Monitor Everything You Need To Know

How does EasyGlucose work?

EasyGlucose uses machine learning technology to spot signal in noisy data, which in this case would be tiny details of the eye’s iris. This cloud- powered and cost effective method makes use of images of the eye that users capture with their smartphones through a custom iris imaging adapter and then analyses the morphological variation of the iris from the image to predict the blood Glucose levels of the patient. Creator Bryan Chiang during the presentation, explained that “the iris’s ridges, crypts and furrows hide tiny hints as to their owner’s blood glucose levels.”

Although these features aren’t visible to the naked eye on the naked eye, Macro lenses on smartphone cameras can easily get a clear image that the computer vision algorithms can utilise for analysis.  The results of the blood glucose measurement are said to be incredibly accurate with an unprecedented error rate of 6.93%, which means that it outperforms other existing state-of- the- art non invasive methods by upto 30%.

How EasyGlucose is beneficial

Since this is a non- invasive and pain-free procedure, patients now don’t have to stab themselves with a needle every few hours just to check their blood glucose levels. With the gold- standard Clarke Error Grid Guidelines evaluating and finding this method clinically accurate, this low cost and effortless method of testing will be welcomed warmly by the community. The FDA approval is expected to arrive shortly as this innovation most likely won’t have a prolonged review period.

Chiang has mentioned that the glucose levels are securely stored in the cloud with the Azure SQL Database. This allows patients to easily access long term glucose trends which can help them optimize their Insulin treatments. Parents can also receive automated alerts in case the glucose levels of their children reach critical levels.

Azure also has a mobile application that does not require an internet connection. This  makes portability of the platform much more efficient and facilitates deployment of these maintenance free services in low income rural areas.

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