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Skyrim Cheat Codes You Must Know

Skyrim is a role playing video game, which is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The main story of the game revolves around the character of the player.

The game allows the player to travel anywhere, at any time in the game world. Skyrim was developed using the Creation engine. The game is of single player mode.

Skyrim Cheat Codes You Must Know

Skyrim is played from the first or third person perspective. Players also have the option to develop their character.

Skyrim consloe commands are the important tools, which are used by the players to enter the cheats in the game.

When you are playing the game, you have to press ~, to get the get the console window displayed. Then you can type any of the codes and then Enter to get the corresponding cheat function activated.

Let us take a look into the console commands, which the players might find very useful.

Cheat Code          Result

  1. TGM                                       mode of God
  2. TCL                                       Toggle Clipping will be on or off.
  3. advancepclevel                Level is increased.
  4. player.incpcs                    indicated skill is increased by one.
  5. TAI                                        Toggles non combat on/off
  6. AddShout                           You can add shout to player skill list.
  7. Player. PlaceAtMe            Spawns items.
  8. kill –                                         Kill targeted thing
  9. resurrect –                          Resurrects targeted things.
  10. unlock –                               Unlocks targeted locked things
  11. killall –                                  all nearby enemies are killed.
  12. removeallitems               Removes all items of targeted NPC
  13. movetoqt                           Teleport to quest target
  14. enableplayercontrols    Enable controls during cinematics
  15. tdetect –                              Toggle AI Detection 
  16. setownership –            Changes ownership of target so you can steal it
These are some of the popular commands.To  give an increase to your skills, The console commands can be used in two ways. One is that, you can add your individual  perks to each skill tree. You can also add experience to each skill tree.
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