FFXIV Crafting Tips You Must Know For Sure

FFXIV Crafting Tips You Must Know For Sure

Final Fantasy is a popular MMORPG game. In Final Fantasy XIV, you get to do some amazing craftworks. As craftwork is not that easy as it seems there is a guide of some tips for your crafting skills.

Do LeveQuests

FFXIV Crafting Tips You Must Know For Sure

To gain a lot of experience in Gathering and Crafting classes there are some there ate NPCs that give out special quests all across Eorzea.

When you reach level 15 in a crafting class you can so LeveQuests.


You will able to gain extra experience of quest completion.

FFXIV Crafting Tips You Must Know For Sure

Get Into Ishgard Restoration

When you reach level 20 you will able to get into Ishgard Restoration. It is the latest added as previously you will not see it around.

Advantages –

  1. Major experience
  2.  You get scripts on cool mounts, minions, housing items, and hear


Do The Daily Beast Tribe Quests

In every you will it’s own Beast Tribe. The only fraction of them is engaged in crafting activities.

Beast tribe are found in

  1. Ixal in a Realm Reborn
  2. Moogles in Heavensward.
  3. Namazu  in Stormblood
  4.  Dwarves in Shadowbringers.


When you are 

  1. At level 20 you can do Ixal quests.
  2. At level 50 you can do Moogles quests
  3. At level 60 you can do Namazu quests
  4. At level 70 you can do Dwarves quests


Advantages –

  1. They refresh daily
  2. Easy to finish
  3. You have unique rewards such as minions, resources, and mounts.

FFXIV Crafting Tips You Must Know For Sure

Look For What Sells On The Market Board

The thing that you learned from looking for what sells on the market board is that you can check whether it is within your power to reasonably craft many of that item.

Advantages –

  1. Easy experience
  2. You get the extra reward of Gil which helps your resources for their crafts.

Do Custom Deliveries

At level 60 you can reach Idyllshire in Heavensward where you can do custom delivery quests. The main feature of it is that each custom delivery client has a little story which makes it more interesting. It is better to do all of them. The new quests are available on weekly basis.

Advantages –

  1. Great experience
  2. You get gils
  3. You get special scripts to spend

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