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Pokévision Clown In Pokemon Go You Must Find ASAP

Pokémon Go is a 2016 mobile video game. It was developed and published by Niantic in the collaboration with Nintendo and The company. It is published for iOS and Android platform.

Game Play

It needed mobile GPS to access the game and continue it. Mobile GPS is needed to locate, fight, train and capture Pokemon, fictional character. It looks like tha game is played in real life location. Game is free to play.

Pokévision Clown

Pokévision Clown

Pokévision worked as pokémon tracker. It uses Niantic API to grab the pokémkn near the player’s location. It displays then on the map of the game and helps player to grab much Pokémons. Rare Pokémons has a shorter time, so a player needs to keep an eye on the time always.

Pokévision Clown

How Did Pokévision Works

There are two methods of this. First one is that, players needs to drop a location marker by click anywhere on the map, and late press scan to allow it to search. And the second method is to type your location on search bar and tap scan. If there will be any Pokémon near you, the map will show it.

Disable pokévision

Niantic was unimpressed by pokévision. As it was obvious, pokévision can locate the real Pokémon in the game which works as a cheat. That’s why Niantic disabled the pokévision from the servers.


Pokémon Go became the highest selling game in mobile video games. It gained popularity soon after its release. By the end of its release year, it gained 500 million downloads worldwide. But it also had to face criticism about the accidents which took place because of this game.

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