Facts About Cassie Cage Model You Never Knew

Facts About Cassie Cage Model You Never Knew

Commander Cassandra Carlton “Cassie cage” is a fictional character in the series Mortal Kombat that is a fighting game by NetherRealm Studios. The most interesting feature about the character is that it looks so real and interesting. The American game has many sequels and characters with Cassie Cage getting the maximum popularity among the fans.


The basic aim of the game is to finish the moves that allows the characters to end a match by murdering their defeated, defenceless opponent. Fatalities are exclusive for each character and allows the players to perform by conducting a number of violent moves. The game consists different violent and non-violent moves that helps them to fight the battle.

Facts About Cassie Cage Model You Never Knew

The series revolves around a fiction world with eighteen surviving realms created by the Elder Gods. Also Read.

Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage is the fictitious character in the Mortal Kombat. She has been made inspired by the model Christina Eenigenburg. While it is also said that she might be made with inspiration from Felice Herrig. She made her debut in Mortal Kombat X  as the daughter of actor Johnny Cages and Sonya Blade, the officer.

She become a Special Forces soldier following the footsteps of her parents leading to a new generation of warriors. She defended Earth realm.

She has been featured as one of the main protagonist in the game. The character received a huge applause from the audience because of her personality, gender representation and awestruck finishing moves.

Facts About Cassie Cage Model You Never Knew

The role has been voiced by Ashly Burch and Erica Lindbeck. She has a fighting style similar to that of her parents with use of long range rifle. A mixture of her father’s attitude and mother’s combat skills she is extremely fierce and dangerous. Like all the other characters her gameplay is also divided in Hollywood, Specs Ops and Brawler.

She uses a number of weapons including hand guns, nightstick, taser and drone. She returned in Mortal Kombat X serving as a playable and supporting character in the game’s story mode. She rose to the tanks and became a team leader. She has a deep sense of morality and owns respect for elders and masters.

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