Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

The role-playing game is getting its popularity day by day. It’s kind of fun to assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. But don’t consider them easy there are some complex progression systems and intricate storylines in hard RPGs. Let’s talk about them.


Nioh is similar to the Dark Souls. This game has one of the challenging and unparalleled difficulties which makes you play this game more and more. That’s the reason why I am getting shouting from my mom. They made it so interesting.

Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

King’s Field

You need to understand and master the game’s combat mechanics to play.  It’s worth it as visuals haven’t exactly aged like a fine wine.

How can I stop myself from playing it?

Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows Of Amn

You need to opt for a tactical, strategic approach to combat to play this game. It has unforgiving difficulty. I want to finish it but I can’t as to get to grips with the convoluted combat is difficult.


Pillars Of Eternity

If you consider it is easy then forget about it. It has some unforgettable cumbersome and complex genre.

Its changes to core stats and real-time combat with pause is confusing a lot.

You need to have 100% ability uptime across 6 characters. How can I do it? Is this even possible?

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The best combo of fun and brutal game is this one. It’s so difficult to play as enemies have a wide range of movement skills which can nullify the importance of ground effects or damage-over-time skills. That’s not fair. But this is what makes it’s brutal and interesting.

Dark Souls

How can I forget Dark souls when we talk about hard RPGs? The best example to evoked a mixture of melancholy and accomplishment quite.

Its boss fight is so hard as it can kill players in two hits. What!!!!

Things you learn are to overcome insurmountable odds and better themselves, both in-game and out. Kids tell your mom about this. They need to know!!!

Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

Wizardry IV: The Return Of Werdna

When it comes to difficulty nothing can compare to this masterpiece.

It was a complete flop at release due to its difficulty. 

You can take control of the antagonists from the first title. Is that a good idea? It just results from lopsided combat against the player and Experience points was completely removed. It causes making combat encounters reward nothing. Who’s idea was that to create such a difficult game?

Most Difficult RPGS Challenges You To Play

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