Witcher Netflix Dandelion The Sensation of 2021

Witcher Netflix Dandelion

The Witcher is a Netflix American fantasy drama created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich based on the book The Witcher. It covers a variety of genres like fantasy, drama, action, and adventure. The story is set on a medieval landmass known as “The Continent”. The first season aired on Netflix in 2019 and the next season has been announced for 2021.

What was controversial about the series was the change of name to Dandelion from Jaskier. Many fans of the show were disappointed after this change.

The plot, Characters, And Production

The Witcher’s first season revolves around the exploration of the formation of characters by Geralt of Rivia, Crown Princess Ciri, and the sorceress Yennefer of Vangerberg. Once they discover about their characters they realize that they merged from a single timeline that are the invaders from Nilfgaard.

Witcher Netflix Dandelion The Sensation of 2021

Cast and Characters

The Geralt of Rivia also known as the Witcher was performed by Henry Cavill. Freya Allan was casted as Ciri possessing magical power and is linked to Geralt by destiny. Eamon Farren , a commander who lead to the invasion of Cintra and hunt for Ciri.

Jaskier or Dandelion was performed by Joey Batey who befriends Geralt and accompanied him on his invasion. Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg who had a hunchbacked apperance. Also Read.

Witcher Netflix Dandelion The Sensation of 2021

Dandelion Or Jaskier

After the great response on the character Dandelion the audience got confused as to why the name of the bard was changed from Jaskier to  Dandelion. However as quoted b the producers the name is just a translation issue and the two are actually the same person.

Jaskier translates to yellow pleated flower when translated from Polish. The only flower that translated to this meaning was buttercup. But, buttercup didn’t describe the character portrayed that the translator was going for and so he decided to change the name to other yellow pleated flower Dandelion. Also Read.

Witcher Netflix Dandelion

With regards to the book, Jaskier was only considered as the second character but the fans had an overwhelming response towards the character.


The first season of The Witcher has 88 responses on Rotten Tomatoes and 67% were considered as positive. The series got an average rating of 6.21/10. In December 2019, it was reported as the most in-demand TV series across all platforms worldwide. It came in the Netflix official top series list. By January 2020, it got 76 million views contributing to the announcement of Season 2 of The Witcher in 2021 end.

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