Destiny Iron Banner Scout Rifle You Must Play in Lockdown

Destiny Iron Banner Scout Rifle You Must Play in Lockdown

When you are a hardcore gamer then Density is your forever bestie. This online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game has gained a good fanbase. There I am going to tell you about Iron Banner which is important to know. Let’s get it!

Iron Banner

Destiny Iron Banner Scout Rifle You Must Play in Lockdown

Once every month and lasts for one week there is a limited-time Crucible event known as Iron Banner. This is different from other Crucible event as you have enabled level. 

Startingly it was watched by  Lord Saladin before the Rise of Iron expansion but now watched over by Lady Efrideet.

To participate in Iron Banner Guardians must be at least level 40 or in a fire team.



You gain a reputation by completing Lady Efrideet’s bounties and winning matches in the Iron Banner Crucible playlist. You will award 250 reputation points towards the Iron Banner faction by winning a match.

If you lose you will Medallion of Iron.

If you win next time then each medallion will be redeemed for an amount of 150 reputations. You can only carry up to 5 medallions.


Lists of Rewards 


  1. The Binding Blaze, Legendary Sidearm
  2. The Branded Lord, Legendary Fusion Rifle
  3. The Clever Dragon, Legendary Pulse Rifle
  4. The Distant Star, Legendary Scout Rifle
  5. The Laughing Heart, Legendary Sniper Rifle
  6. The Lingering Song, Legendary Hand Cannon
  7. The Proud Spire, Legendary Shotgun
  8. The Silvered Dread, Legendary Machine Gun
  9. The Titanium Orchid, Legendary Rocket Launcher
  10. The Unbent Tree, Legendary Auto Rifle

Titan Armor

  1. Iron Saga Gauntlets
  2. Iron Saga Greaves
  3. Iron Saga Helm
  4. Iron Saga Plate
  5. Iron Saga Mark
  6. Britomart’s Pledge

Hunter Armor

  1. Iron Saga Boots
  2. Iron Saga Grips
  3. Iron Saga Mask
  4. Iron Saga Vest
  5. Iron Saga Cloak
  6. Deidris’ Fist

Warlock Armor

  1. Iron Saga Gloves
  2. Iron Saga Hood
  3. Iron Saga Steps
  4. Iron Saga Vestments
  5. Iron Saga Bond
  6. Covance’s Choice

Ghost Shells

Ironwolf Shell


  1. “Birth of History”, Legendary Jumpship
  2. “Hebridean Thoughtcrime”, Legendary Jumpship


S-40 Iron Revelry, Legendary Sparrow


  1. Knight-Errant, Legendary Brown/Gray/Tan Shader
  2. Perilous Quest, Legendary Brown/Black/Gold Shader


  1. Ironwood Alight, Legendary Emblem
  2. The New Wolf Pack, Legendary Emblem

Temporary Items

Medallion of Iron, Mission Item

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