Games Like Animal Crossing For PS4 You Must Play

Games Like Animal Crossing For PS4 You Must Play

Animal Crossing is a social stimulating game that was created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. It’s a simple game that won many people’s hearts. That’s why I am here to tell you about games that are similar to animal choosing. You need to change your choices to get better so let’s begin!!

Stardew Valley

games like animal crossing for ps4

You will work on your late grandfather’s farm in the quaint setting of Pelican Town. This is much similar to Animal Crossing.

You have maintained a good relationship with the residents by giving them gifts, having a good old chat with them, and helping them out when they need it. This is so sweet for me to melt.

My Time At Portia

games like animal crossing for ps4

The plot is that the main character of this game is helping his father’s workshop to be in a better condition.

This game calms you with friendly townies and a bit of romance.

This cute family story will have activities like fishing, crafting buildings, or getting to know the residents.


games like animal crossing for ps4

This action role-playing game has many rogue-like elements. I know that it is different from animal crossing still, it has similarity like working in a shop, talking to customers, and stocking shelves. This is not as friendly as Animal Crossing as when you encounter an ugly villager move onto your island, you might have to take action. That’s okay!!  

Never victimised yourself you should stand up in difficulty.

Castaway Paradise

games like animal crossing for ps4

This is an actual Paradise in which you spend your vacation on your tropical island. Can I get in real life too? Please!!!! You have animals as your neighbours and you can become best friend forever with your neighbours. In real life, it’s a bit difficult to have neighbours as BFFs when the only thing they do is Stalking. You can also decorate your island, try new fashion trends, catch bugs and grow crops. That’s so good!!!

Slime Rancher

When you like the stalk market then this game is definitely for you! There you are having Plort farm. Every port is different as it has different animals and object.

Just like the real stock market you can trade Plorts on the Plort Market. You are learning Marketing from games. Someone should have to tell this, my mom!!! I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy.

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