Best 10 Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Tips and Tricks

If you want to play the Destiny 2 players like an expert, then you have to follow these tips. The new expansion of the game has come up with a lot of changes added to it. So here are some tips, that has to be followed for a smooth play.

10.Be Patient

A lot of players are enjoying the game , so that the servers will get overloaded. The queues will also be longer. So you will have to patient. Bungie will be aware of the problems. So there is no problem in waiting a day or two.

9.Clean Out The Stash

The first thing to do is doing some spring cleaning. So you have to go through the inventory and find the items to upgrade them.

8.Start Using Resources

This can be annoying, but it can give you the habit of routinely upgrading the most powerful gear.Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Tips and Tricks

7.Cash In Tokens

One another thing, that you need to start using, are the tokens that might have stashed from Crucible and Vanguard. Head to the tower and then you can go for shopping.

6.10 Is An Important Number

To make things more simple, if you have 16 strengths, the game will show as if you have only 10 strengths. If you only raise your strength to 20, you can see the boost.

5.Rituals Are The New Pinnacles

Ritual weapons are not powerful, but they are easier to obtain. When you complete the missions, you will have powerful ritual weapons, that help you through the dangers of Shadowkeep.

4.Ada-1 Quests

You can do a quest by Ada -1, instead of grinding Forges over and over again.

3.Activate Your Season Pass

You will be given a free season pass by Bungie if you buy a Shadowkweep.

2.Bounty Hunting

Bounties can be collected and done in mass. There is no limit to how many you can do.

1.Become Heroic

The major thing that you have to keep it in mind, try and trigger Heroic public events.

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