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Iconic Video Game Swords You Never Knew

Iconic Video Game Swords You Never Knew

The industry of video games is improving day by day. These games are becoming realistic and life like. The characters in the video game  are becoming popular along with the warfare items.

Many video games are available in the market, which are just like real life games. A video game without a sword or  gun cannot be considered complete by a fan. So mostly all video game franchises have their warfare items.

Iconic Video Game Swords You Never Knew

Heavenly Swords is an action adventure video game developed by Ninja theory and published by Sony entertainment in 2007.

The gameplay of the game resembles a martial arts title. Nariko, who is the main game character,uses the weapon called Heavenly Sword.

Plot of the Game:

The story of the game revolves round the heavenly sword. This sword is a blade weilded by an unnamed diety. The original weilder of the sword would be reborn in the year of fire horse.

Characters of the game.

Nariko is a head strong red- headed woman. The main antagonist of the game is king Bohan. Nariko is trained by her father as a warrior. Her only friend is Kai. Roach is Bohan’s son.

A series of animated episodes of Heavenly Sword, were released prior to the game launch, just like a prequel to the game. A computer animated film version of the  game was produced by Blockade entertainment. The game was scripted by Todd Farmer.

The video game was a big popular hit and was sold over one million copies world wide. The critics of the game praised its graphics. The sound track of the music was composed by Nitin Sawhney.

The game was developed by Havok Complete, which is a combination of Havok Physics and  Havok Animation. The videos were produced by combining Adobe Phptoshop, Flash and after effects.

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