Brie Larson Joining Star Wars Reboot? Here What We Can Expect From Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Joining Star Wars Reboot? Can She Bring the Charm of Captain Marvel?

Brie Larson shook the entire MCU after getting the role of Captain Marvel and becoming the most powerful avenger, even capable of beating Thanos, Now it is in news that she’ll be playing a role of a Jedi in the new Star wars movie by Kevin Feige.

Brie Larson joining new star wars as a Jedi

So, Brie Larson has on the MCU for a while now but did you know that Brie was a bonafide Star Wars fan? Brie has shown her fandom for star wars quite a few times now like when her co-star Samuel Jackson brought a lightsaber to the sets of ‘Captain Marvel’ she almost broke into tears and said she wanted to be a Jedi always.

Brie Larson Joining Star Wars Reboot? Can She Bring the Charm of Captain Marvel?

During Gary Whitta’s show ‘Animal Talking’ when Brie went to, Gary told him that he has worked on star wars, and she replied,

“Oh yeah you wrote Rogue One, right? I auditioned for that, I didn’t get it.”

Her struggles for getting into the Star wars universe has been real and it’s time for her dreams to get real, Kevin Feige, MCU director and designer revealed that he’s working on a reboot and he’s to cast Brie for role.

Earlier it was rumours, in 2019 Brie even posted a photo of her dressed as a Jedi with a lightsaber and now it’s confirmed that brie got the role.

Brie Larson Joining Star Wars Reboot? Can She Bring the Charm of Captain Marvel?

Brie’s new character more powerful than Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader?

Brie’s love for the franchise and a wish to join has finally come true and it’s come true with a bang! Star wars will be introducing lots of new character including the one Brie will play of the new Jedi named, Maeve who’ll be more stronger than Luke and Vader combined which is bonkers. She will have this massive strength as this character is actually connected to the Whills, godlike aliens earlier introduced in the Star Wars movies.

Apparently Brie was on Disney’s casting list for the lead for this new edition of galaxy far,far away. This new character ‘Maeve’ in the reboot will be going on a journey for finding an ancient power stronger than light and dark side of the Force, the creators said that this is, “brand new Star Wars universe with a brand new mythology”.

Will Brie be able to carry the charm of the character ?

After Captain Marvel being a massive success for both MCU and Disney seems like Brie has a lot to offer but with this new character will she be able to pull it off as successfully as she did with Captain Marvel? also even biggger question is will fans be alright seeing a totally new character being more powerful than their older hero? We’ll have to wait for more information for that as soon as the filming start and when the creators release more about the new edition.

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