‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6 Update Release Date & Murder Mystery Missions

'Borderlands 3' DLC 6 Update Release Date & Murder Mystery Missions

On 8 April Thursday, the game developers have come up with ‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6 titled Director’s Cut, which will help the players in traversing the folklore as well as understanding the storyline of the game . Borderland was initially launched back in 2009 and gained a huge fan following for it’s storyline as well as it’s mechanics.

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Expectations from ‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6

The new update of the Borderland might include the new features what fans were wishing for which includes new raid boss, machines, Vault Cards and much more. Let’s Point down major features for those who haven’t played it yet.

'Borderlands 3' DLC 6 Update Release Date & Murder Mystery Missions

  1. Hemovorous the Invincible is a new raid boss heading towards Pandora along with various amazing rob in the whole game. After you win the campaign in order to take her on you’ll can pay 500 Erodium.
  2. Next comes the Murder Mystery Story Missions. These missions leads Ava in tracking down a guide for her webcast directing her towards Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6 and Nekrotafeyo. This mission will grasp you in suspecting crime scenes rather running and gunning.
  3. Vault cards basically are challenges-based advantages offering nostalgic cosmetics along with plenty of XP. However first vault card is only available of Thursdays, whereas rest of the two card comes out by the end of the year. Each  card traits three challenges on daily basis and one weekly.
  4. Two new machines has been introduced named Crazy Earl’s Reroll, and Maurice’s Black Market Machine.
  5. Last but not the least is Diamond Armory. You can actually use this Diamond Keys to spin for a safeguard, grenade or shooter. Apart from this you can also use it for DLC Legendries.

‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6 Released

Yes, you read it right. ‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 6 has already been launched by the Gearbox Studios (developers) on 8 April itself. You can sport the game on PC whereas PlayStation and Xbox users can get access to DLC through local stores.

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