Nintendo switch 3 Best game you must play

The one who loves to play video games, there is the best video game console you can play with. Nintendo Switch is the best hybrid video game console. This Nintendo Switch consists of a console unit, a dock, and two joystick controllers. You can play the best games with this Nintendo Switch video game console.

Gamers who are in love with video games must own the Nintendo Switch. With the Nintendo Switch, you can play the games in home with your family, and also it is easy to carry anywhere you go.  But it, before it is sold. It is very expensive because there is only little supply of the console.

Nintendo switch 3 Best game you must play

The only switch which has the best features in which you can play with your family and enjoy your time with your family. This is the best game because it has multi-player options and the attractive abilities. According to the report, Nintendo Switch has sold around 22.5 million only around the United States and 66 million Nintendo switches were sold around the world.

Even though there are many site and player like Xbox Series, PS5  still the Nintendo Switch is the best video console for youngsters and even for adults who still play the video games for their relaxation.

Best games to play in Nintendo Switch:

The one who is interested in the video games, here are the top best games you can play with Nintendo Switch.

1. Super Mario 3rd world + Bower’s Fury:

Mario fans all over the world, enjoy your free time with this Nintendo Switch and play the best Mario game with your family. Even though it was released on 2013, it still said to be the popular game.

2. Heavens Fault:

Archeological fans, This game is for you. It is an archeological adventure game that you will love to play at your free time.  The exiting news is that it is available in Nintendo Switch. Enjoy the game.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

The top 5th game that is developed by Nintendo in the Nintendo Switch. This game is most liked by the children.  These games relax your mind and also the best news about this game is that even you will enjoy it in online.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition:

          Scott Pilgrim fans, this is the best news for you all. The complete edition of this game is now available in Nintendo Switch. Enjoy it. The beat up game that is loved by everyone around the world. Your wait is over. Enjoy the complete edition in Nintendo.

5. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity:

          Now it is available in Nintendo Switch. The game that resembles the period around 100 years ago. You will get to know about the earlier ages. Enjoy it with your family.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

          The another action and adventure game that is developed by Nintendo to play in Nintendo Switch. The world-famous that is loved by everyone around the world.

7. Pokémon Sword and Shield:

           Pokemon lovers your wait is over. Now the pokemon sword and shield is available in the Nintendo Switch. Come On, Pickachu.!

8. Hades:

        The Greek mythology and an adventure game that is developed in 2018 and released in Nintendo Switch on 2020. You can enjoy this game now in Nintendo Switch.

9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

      The journey of three different houses has started in Nintendo Switch this year. Enjoy the journey with your family.

10. Super Mario Odyssey:

        Mario fans this is also another Mario game you would love to play with. It was developed by Nintendo to play with Nintendo Switch. Mario fans have a big luck in the Nintendo Switch.

Why Nintendo Switch Is popular.?:

Nintendo switch 3 Best game you must play

Everyone might wonder why Nintendo Switch is the expensive and the most popular video console because it is the console which supports all entertainment games, and it is the best console that fits in this real world and also in the fiction game world.

Even kids can play in this Nintendo Switch because it has the features of parental control. Parents can control the settings for the Kids and the children can play safe with this Switch. This is the best console, you can also gift to  your parents, siblings, loved one etc. Enjoy your time with this Nintendo Switch.

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