Genshin Impact Coming Up with New Characters In 2021 and Its Latest Update

Genshin Impact leak Update

The free-to-play online game Genshin Impact is receiving updates every six weeks. These updates include new characters, locations, and events. Initially, the 1.3 version update replaced Lantern Rite Festival with Xiao. It will be interesting to have a look at 1.4 version updates.

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Expected updates in this version

Hopefully, eight new characters might be introduced this time as leaked at the end of 2020. According to the leaker Nepnep, the leaked characters will accessible in Genish Impact 1.4 version as a new four-star. On the other hand, it is quite possible that miHoYo might go and the mostly rumored character AYAKA might join in this version.

One character that will be continuing this updated version too is ROSARIO. This is the character that the players encounter at the time of dragon spine. This character will be put together with venti who initially is an old character but eventually, the character’s return is the most anticipated one. In addition, Hu Tao is another character that hopefully might get added this time.

Genshin Impact leak Update 2021

Events that are going to held

There will be many mini games that will take place in the event. As if now there two known mini games that is about to take place. The first game will be of pooping the balloons among the massive groups of balloons in a particular time limit. The next one will be collecting flowers while gliding down the cliff. Each collection will be added to the final score.

There will be one more event named Pure Water Hearts. In this the player will summon the mini version of the creature of the Oceanid. The player will be able to destroy them with mini-Oceanid spit. After the completion of the task the player will receive that mini-Oceanid to keep it as a pet.

Release date and more

The Genish Impact 1.4 version might debut somewhere around 17 March, 2021. For now there is no such trailer released. Most probably it could be estimated that the updated version 1.5 might get released around 28 April, 2021.

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