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Garena Free Fire Important Updates and Everything You must Know

Garena free-fire fans and users Here is exciting news that you all love. The new version of the Garena Free Fire is on its way to entertain you. Get ready for the battle that is about to start on September 2020. Get ready folks…!! The Developer has announced that the Version OB25 consists of many new things that all the fans will love.

You will get a new character and a new pet and also many new guns in the new version of Garena Free Fire. You can still expect many new updates in the version. The new weapons named as assault rifle, UMP SMG, shotgun and still, more will be available. This survival battle is about to start, and you can participate by being in your home.

Garena Free Fire Important Updates and Everything You must Know

Main Updates of Free Fire:

The main and important updates and leaks of the Garena Free fire are these things.

  1. A new character named Snowwelle. She is a nanotech Engineer. She has special abilities which is named as Nano Nerves.  It will be added to the game with the upcoming update. You will all love the character because it can disable all the abilities and energies of the enemies including all the special powers. You will all love it.
  2. A new pet Baboon is also available in the new update of the Free fire. It is named as “Brabuino”. This pet will help the main character with its abilities, so it is also known as “Helping Hand”. This baboon is the largest of all the pets in the game, and he is as large as the players. With the help of the baboon, you can throw the gerande at the distance of 10, 15, 20. The most useful pet is this one.
  3. The last one but the most powerful one which you all love. The Vector gun, the new submachine weapon that will be added to the new update. This gun is a short range one, but the power is the most powerful one. The report says that the gun will be available in both classical range and also the in the clash mode. Also, you can adjust the frequency of the weapon.

These are the main updates that is available in free fire update version OB25. Still there are many updates you will find out when the game will be released. Friends who are interested in the update you can register it. Get Ready folks for the battle that you about to see.

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