Stardew Valley 5th-anniversary latest update

Stardew Valley 5th-anniversary latest update

Happy 5th-anniversary Stardew Valley.! You are now five years old. This Stardew Valley is a farming game that is even loved by every villager all around the world. This game was first released in 2016 in PC and in the same year it was also released in Video game console like Nintendo Switch. The report says that at the end of January 2020, 10 million copies were sold all around the world.

This is a role-playing game, that you can consider yourself as a player and enjoy the game. It was developed by Eric Concerned ape Barone. At first, it was released on Microsoft Windows and then released into Nintendo Switch. The main concept of this game is that the players have to take of their grandfathers farm, after his grandfather had passed away.

Stardew Valley 5th-anniversary latest update

What’s in the New update:

On December, the stardew valley creator and developer has announced the latest update on the game which is Stardew Valley version 1.5. The love for this game never ends. After playing this game, every single person who played the game becomes the most relaxed person. This game relax your mind and controls all your tension.

The few updates in the game which makes you more relax and happy is that there is a new island, many new locations, different directions for many new places and mini-games inside the game. The Stardew company has announced that there will many new updates that will be revealed in 2021.

Also, there is a new location named “Beach Farm” where you can go fishing and also do farming. Two in one…!! First it will be released in PC, and then it will be released in Video game console and then into your mobile phones. There will many options to change the character as you wish,

You can also expect new people, there will be new mission or new goals, there will be a  new farm on your land, also there will be new events that you can participate, and still more like new set of furniture, and many and many. You can expect many new features in the game. Just play it, you will love it.

Even the developer said that you can expect many new features in the upcoming years. Just download it in your PC, or buy the Nintendo Switch and also download it in your mobile and enjoy it.

Once again Happy Anniversary Stardew family.!

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