Among Us Hacks: Top Strategy that will Help You Win And Thing You need To Know

Among Us Top Strategy that will Help You Win And Thing You need To Know

Are you an “Among Us” fan? Or, are you someone who has recently started playing this awesome game? Well, if yes, this article will be tip for Among Us Top Among Us Hacks that will help in increasing your winning possibility and becoming pro among all the players. Undoubtedly, here are some amazing tips and tricks that you can actually use and win.

Among Us Hacks: Be a part of the crowd

If you are an imposter, I know that’s another level of excitement of being one. There is another level of satisfaction in killing the crewmates and to not get noticed. Well, if you want to kill the crewmates be a part of the crowd. Here you can easily kill one crewmate and nobody will be able to figure out who was the imposter and you will easily escape.

Crewmates are precious don’t waste them

Don’t blindly trust anyone. Use visual task to prove yourself a part of crew. This will help you as tasks are only done by crewmates and not imposters. This will decrease the chances of elimination of true crewmates.

Among Us Top Strategy that will Help You Win And Thing You need To Know

Be true and not true

I know this might be confusing but hold for a second, this works. If you are an imposter and you have successfully killed a crewmate, be true and report immediately. After reporting Stick to the fact that someone killed and you found the dead body. In this case you will protect yourself from being caught and confuse the other crewmates to guess who could be the imposter.

Go with the flow

If you are an imposter and it’s time for voting, try to follow the groups. If you choose to do differently from others that will be enough to put you in the eyes of suspicion. Close your eyes and vote with the group. This will keep you away from being suspected.

Choose hotbeds of crime

Here the hotbed means the places where mostly death takes place. To be honest many crewmates choose not to go to electricity or storage as to stay alive. But you can take the advantage of that and kill those selected ones who choose to go there. As there people rarely go, so your chance of being caught decreases.

Top strategies about 'among us' you need to Know

Get rid of your victims

In case you are caught by someone try to get rid of them. You can either try to convince other players that the victim is the only imposter or you can find the perfect spot and time and kill that victim.

Take the advantage of vent feature in Among Us

Take full advantage of this feature. Only imposter can vent and escape from the murder place. Make use of it and escape and protect yourself from getting caught.

These are just few strategies which will make you pro in this game and will increase your chances of winning. There are number of strategies ahead. As if for now you can go with these tips and tricks and add more fun to your game.

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