2-Year Old Chef: Kobe, The New Internet Sensation

A  two year old has become the internet sensation recently. He is starring with his parents in the cooking videos posted by them.

Kobe: A Sensation

Kobe’s videos are a big sensation  among his fans. The videos are shared on the Instagram handle ‘Kobe Eats’, and the videos feature him giving step by step instructions on how to make different type of dishes. He is making  a variety of dishes like steaks, roasted potatoes, gluten free chocolates and much more.

The account of Kobe is going viral on the internet, with many thousands following him. The account is managed by Ashley and Kyle, his parents. The very first video was shared on Instagram on 25th February, 2020. This account has got more than 450 K followers.

2-year old chef, the new Internet Sensation

Kobe thanking everybody

After, the number of followers crossed 300 k in a very few days, a post was shared on Instagram by ‘Kobe Eats’ which read that the family is so thankful to all. It was just posted like Kobe talking to the viewers. It said, “My Momma and  me baked M&M cookies , and my daddy was so happy   that I called him ‘Dada’ for the first time in this video. Momma was my first word before this . I enjoy baking, and I think you also do.

Every video posted by the account has got many thousands of comments, likes and shares from from the fans. Fans cannot stop adoring this little baby doing cooking with some help from his mother. He does the whole cooking, with a smile on his face .

Nothing much can be talked by this little cutie since he is only two years old.  Kobe also wears a bib, in which it is written ‘More Please’. He sits on his baby chair and participate in the whole cooking procedure.

Kobe’s favorite dishes include pancake cereal to many other items such as maple- flavoured chicken.  His videos go viral because, the whole cooking is thoroughly enjoyed by Kobe. Kobe is enjoying every bit of his cooking. This kid is surely a big wonder to the whole world. We can wait for his new videos.

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